With a consolidated trajectory of 15 years promoting Street Arts in Portugal, Imaginarius is the privileged venue for renowned artists and companies from Portugal and abroad that choose Santa Maria da Feira’s public space to present their creations, many of which are absolute premieres.

La Fura dels Baus, Royal de Luxe, Titanick Theatre, Pippo Delbono, Xarxa Teatre, Transe Express, Leo Bassi, Strange Fruit, Cacahuète, Gran Reyneta, CirkVOST, Hortzmuga Teatroa, KTO Theater, Odin Teatret, Pan Optikum and Antagon Theater AKTion are some of the world companies that have taken part in the Festival and left their mark in the region.

The same happened with the participation of renowned creators, such has Nobel Literature laureate Dario Fo, photographers Spencer Tunick and Oliviero Toscani, filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira, visual artist Joana Vasconcelos and master in urban masking Donato Sartori, who involved the city’s community and public space in their artistic interventions.

From its first edition, Imaginarius has invested in its own creations, like “Entrado”, which involved the participation of 30 inmates of the Oporto Prison Establishment or “O Comboio Fantasma de Santa Maria da Feira”, by Lee Beagley, which relied on local artistic structures. Community theatre projects, like “Baralha”, developed with the local gipsy community, “Texturas”, which paid tribute to cork industry, or “EXPANDE”, which explored the traditions surrounding the paper industry, also take on great relevance within the Festival.

In 2008, Imaginarius launched a project in musical experimentation that stands out within the contemporary art panorama – the Creative Orchestra of Santa Maria da Feira. Under the artistic direction of conductor Aleksandar Caric Zar, this ensemble currently includes 150 local members.

Since 2009, the Festival been giving way to young creators from all over the world through Mais Imaginarius, thus privileging experimentation and new approaches in Santa Maria da Feira’s public space.

Training and artistic exchange remain strategic investments of Imaginarius, as expressed in workshops and artistic residencies with great Street Arts masters.

Marked by its relentless will to create and transform, the Festival trails a necessary path of construction and deconstruction. Because we believe the future is Imaginarius.