Imaginarius PRO


Imaginarius PRO is a contact space for Street Arts professionals, part of the Imaginarius Festival. This dynamic is meant to strengthen partnerships between the artists, programmers, journalists and other professionals present during the festival, by facilitating contacts between different realities in a single space.

In 2017 Imaginarius PRO will run with a different and larger model, parallel to the international seminar FRESH STREET#2 with special moments to share the Portuguese artists to the international delegates. In the festival days, the project is focused in a special space for divulging artistic projects and conducting informal meetings between the various artistic stakeholders present at the festival.

Those taking part in Imaginarius PRO will have access to the space, the pitch sessions, the marketplace and other special moments in the programme. The participation is preferential for FRESH STREET#2 delegates.

Access to Imaginarius PRO is free of charge for all Portuguese and international Street Arts professionals. The FRESH STREET#2 delegates are automatically registered for Imaginarius PRO. The other interested professionals should fill the registration form that will be available during March.



25th May | 9:30AM – 6:00PM
Imaginarius PRO Marketplace

25th – 27th May
Town Centre
Oppening of Imaginarius PRO space

27th May | 11AM – 1PM
Town Centre
Imaginarius PRO Showcase